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Sera Capital Management, LLC

Founded in 1990, Sera Capital is a private, independent, employee-owned investment manager.

“We are investors” helps explain the essence of our firm. This simple, singularly focused identity defines what attracts clients and inspires us to come to work every day and share in our mission–to partner with our clients to achieve their unique objectives. Our attention is entirely directed at managing client assets. Our fiduciary responsibilities are instilled in our employees and are reflected in our approach to client assets.

Sera Capital is a registered investment advisor that manages money for individuals, institutions and other advisors. We are active managers of passive broad indices. This means we trade your portfolio on a discretionary basis based on your goals and what we think is appropriate in the hope of achieving above average rates of return with below average risk over complete market cycles.

Strategic Asset Management, LTD has partnered with Sera Capital in order to provide clients with quantitative tactical investment management solutions.


Synergy Financial Management





St. Paul, Minnesota, Securian Financial Group offers over 133 years of financial strength, integrity and success. They have nearly $32 billion in assets under management and provide more than $758 billion of insurance in force. At Securian Financial Group they focus on what it takes to succeed, now and for many years into the future. As a result, they have become one of America's largest providers of financial security for individuals and businesses in the form of insurance, retirement plans and investments. Their financial strength and claims-paying ability rank them among the most highly rated insurance company groups in the nation.


The Monolilth Group

The Monolith Group is pleased to present an exciting new life insurance premium financing strategy that eliminates the risks and drawbacks of traditional Libor-based premium financing. The Monolith Program™ provides access to the capital markets using our proprietary funding structure, allowing high net worth individuals and estates to borrow at the same rate as Fortune 500 companies.


Benefit Indemnity Corp.

Benefit Indemnity Corporation is a far-reaching enterprise designed to help various stakeholders in and touched by the insurance industry to access the knowledge, skills and strategies to help them succeed amidst the changing world of insurance and health care reform.