Providing Services to Fit Your Needs

Investment Planning


In an ongoing quest to "perfect the portfolio," Strategic Asset Management (SAM) has partnered with Sera Capital Management, LLC which reflects a relentless commitment to creating personalized investment solutions engineered to provide long-term investment success.

SAM gives you yet another set of options that are built around a philosophy of helping clients address the risks of a dynamic investment marketplace:

  •  Strategies to enhance cash flow and recover money that is lost, needlessly and unknowingly.
  •  In-depth quantitative market analysis to help protect you principal during periods when markets are challenged.
  •  Comprehensive selection of products and services to address individual solutions for each client's unique circumstances

Must there be a choice between an acceptable degree of risk and a desirable level of growth? Our thinking is that investors deserve a satisfactory rate of return while protecting their principal with investment strategies that limit the severity of investment drawdowns. To provide that level of safety our partners at Sera Capital Management, LLC avoid what has been the conventional wisdom in the investment community.

For decades the prevailing philosophy among many investment advisors and money managers has been “holding-based analysis”, supported by evidence that over the long-term, the very long term, markets tend to go up. The fallacy of this style of investing is that it can require superhuman patience and the ability to overlook and absorb potentially devastating losses.

You may be asking, why financial advisors would recommend this strategy time and time again? The answer may be deceptively simple. While it may not be the most effective strategy for an investor, it is perhaps an easier strategy for the financial advisor. There can be little or no accountability in the short-term and it provides an easy answer to investor concerns. “Stay the Course.” The result is that the investor may be encouraged to be a passive observer rather that an active participant. We take a different approach. In our view, it is highly unlikely that an investment strategy based on a passive allocation across a variety of asset classes will protect against significant loss during times of market crises.

Buying and holding a diversified portfolio works well during good times, but may fall short when supposedly uncorrelated asset classes drop in unison in bear markets. Asset allocation, a bedrock of investing for decades, appeared to fail miserably in 2008. The conviction shared by most investors that they should spread their money across many asset classes to minimize losses was shaken as nearly all markets tumbled in unison.

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