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Advanced Tax Planning

If you pay $100,000 or more in taxes each year we can show how to reduce your tax liability by 50%. almost 100% of the time.

Bill Hall, CEO and Cofounder of Redwood Tax Specialists

Bill has spent over 38 years in the financial industry and gained access to some of the foremost tax planning experts in the world. He has helped hundreds of clients to reduce their taxes. Of these clients, many received tax reductions in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and select clients received 7 figures of tax savings. 

What makes Bill’s approach unique is his relentless focus on implementing advanced tax strategies first rather than fixating on financial or insurance products.

With this attitude of “value first”, Bill achieves extraordinary results for his clients and helps them to build legacies that will last for generations. Today, Bill’s strategies are utilized by many prosperous business owners and individuals with assets from $2 million to over $1 billion together with his partner Scott Fedyshyn. 

Bill lives with his wife Tracie in Cornelius, North Carolina. He has five children and two grandchildren. Bill enjoys mountain biking, fishing, golf, and mentoring CPAs, financial planners, and other financial professionals. He is actively mentoring over 100 financial professionals throughout the U.S.

M. Scott Fedyshyn CPA, CFP, CTC, CMA, CFM, MSA, Lead Strategic Tax Planner and Cofounder, Redwood Tax Specialists

As a lifelong entrepreneur, starting his first business in grade school, Scott ultimately decided to begin working as a tax reduction consultant. This quickly grew into a meaningful client base, many of whom are still with Scott, nine years after he launched his consulting practice.

Since taking the helm, Scott has transitioned the mostly local, compliance-based practice to a strategic tax reduction niche, incorporated holistic financial planning, and expanded the footprint and capability of the firm to provide services across the US and even the globe.

Always a passionate learner, Scott continuously pursued certifications within the finance field to expand his expertise to all areas of wealth management. In addition to the CPA, Scott is a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Tax Coach, Certified Tax Planner, Certified Managerial Accountant, and a Certified Financial Manager.

In addition to his personality and presence, Scott brings to the table a deep-dive tax technical background, systems and process integration expertise, and very comprehensive exposure to all things finance and accounting.